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You’re invited to be our insider! Earn from every guest you bring when they sip, puff and dine at Kingsway Bali. 


This exclusive program is for selected colleagues, family and partners of Kingsway and you are amongst the list of these special friends of Kingsway.

You will be entitled to get a commission of up to 10% for the following F&B programs and menu available at Kingsway : 

Not included in this partnership are the following programs.

  1. F&B dan Cigar promotions

  2. 20% discount for transactions using bank programs. Credit card / debit card offers such as BNI, BPR Lestari priority card holders 

  3. 20 % exclusive discount for repeater guests.

Terms & Conditions :

  • When your guest enjoys a program / payment program from the excluded list above, commission will be waived.


  • Commission that will be given to you is a total of 10% from the bill excluding tax and service.

  • Kingsway owns the right to revise, renew, or delete these terms based on the available programs and changes of promotion and events at the Kingdom.

For more information, please contact

Bianca | +62 859 3505 0200