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A regal frolic pad in the fast-pumping heart of Seminyak, Kingsway serves as a one-stop-playground for Bali’s discerning partygoers, cigar lovers, foodies and cocktail-hounds. The lights are low, the blues are blowing, and the spirits are high.

Kingsway is named after the way we treat our guests. In here, you are our royalty. Chill, dine, sip, puff and dance in one playground. This juke joint has it all, making venue-hopping becomes a distant memory. Doors open for luncheon, and things grow a tad louder as the night goes on.

Savour a top-notch cigar at The Cigar Lounge or serenade us with a karaoke gem. Graze on sexy bites and delicious tapas at The Games Room while playing nine ball or take turns in a game of darts. Saunter to the Main Bar for an unforgettable cocktail, or pair your giggle water with fine cuisine and live musical entertainment in the Garden Area. When you’re flying high, head for the Starlight Bar for revelry under the stars as the town bustles below. After all, a little party never killed nobody.





Sip, Savour & Socialise. Three Bars within one Kingdom, whichever bar you decide to go, the hangover only lasts a day, but the memories will last a lifetime. What you drink and how you want to drink is up to you – only the finest tipples make the Kingsway cut.


Take the stairs and join the stars. From eclectic tapas and seafood platters to regular smoke grill events. Pop, fizz and clink while you enjoy views of the bustling town below. You’re on top of the world now. But remember, what happens atop Kingsway stays at Kingsway!

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